WHAT is Breath work?

  • workshop to allowed you to let go physical and mental pain, or tension.
  • You will liberate, let go, heal and make peace with your inner child, while enjoying an amazing time !
  • Let me help you to gently get out of your comfort zone with some meditation, exercise to reconnect with humans, stretching, esctatic dance, yoga, breathwork therapy (circular conscious breathing), journaling, heath coaching, and relaxation.
  • You might be able to leave with our signature homemade synergy Kombucha purified, and energized with bio energy healing+ 432 hz frequency ! (in-person event, availability depending on batch of the week).

WHO Can Receive Breath work ?

  • Everyone, in a private session, or group, during a classroom, or office wellness workshop.
  • No matter, your level, how much trauma you could have, or how long you have been holding on to breath work therapy, is your solution !
  • list non exhaustive, helps for :
  • injury, fast pain recovery
  • blood pressure, cancer,
  • heart disease, addiction,
  • burn-out, stress, insomnia,
  • depression, trauma, ph …

HOW is a Breathwork class ?

  • Your choice of days, and frequency.
  • Decide the language class english, French, or spanish.

Moon Online Breathwork Workshop

guided Breath work, and Reiki near me classes

What is guided breathwork ?

This video about this Breathwork technique.

Also, history, benefits… of the breathwork class.

What is Reiki healing ?

This video about energy healer, and all you need to know regarding alternative medicine practise.

Reiki Therapy
How is a breath work workshop ?

I offer on-line, and in-person classes, check the calendar for your prefered option.

holistic agenda workshop

Breath work class price list packages

how many reiki sessions are needed ?

From the first REIKI treatment you will feel the benefits of the REIKI energy healing power in your body, mind, and soul. It is recommended at least 4 REIKI sessions for a longer beneficial effect.

how much does reiki healing cost ?

The price of a REIKI therapy depend on how many REIKI treatments package you choose.

what is reiki good for ?

REIKI healing benefits are multiple and works on the body, and mind.

what is reiki healing therapy ?

Energy healing treatment is an hands-on practise without touching where the energy goes from the hand to the patient allowing your body to get the energy flowing again removing any blockages.

Most of the extended health benefits insurances now reimburse alternative medicines, such as REIKI energy healing. Usually included in the health practitioner section like Chiropractic…

Check your wellness plan, or ask your employer

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